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Easy Way Leads is the most economical and targeted franchise development lead generation program in existence. We generate financially qualified leads in the exact locations where you need new franchisees. On the Easy Way Leads platform, you will have access to over 200 Million 'Intelligent' email and postal addresses that can be filtered based on financial, lifestyle and geographic qualifications. The Easy Way Leads program attracts qualified candidates with inexpensive completely Automated Campaigns.

If you need a new franchisee on the Northwest side of Ft. Wayne and you are only interested in males, with a credit rating above 720, own their home and have a college education we can find those people for you and introduce your concept! Only after prospects have said "please contact me" do your franchise development staff spring into action.

How successful (and efficient) will your development staff be when virtually every lead they speak to is in an open territory, financially qualified, only looking at your concept and have asked YOU to contact THEM?

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Key Features
  • Leads exactly for your open territories
  • Virtually every lead is financially qualified
  • A small percentage of the cost of a Broker
  • Close rate hugely better than Portal Leads
  • Every Lead has asked that YOU call THEM
  • Leads are only shown your concept
  • Your leads are never shared
  • Fantastic tool for resales